What Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can occur at any time despite all of your best efforts to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Unfortunately, dental-related emergencies can leave you in pain, discomfort and feeling frustrated. Knowing what to do during a dental emergency is crucial in helping treatment to be more effective.


Contact the Office

At the first sign of an emergency, contact the office right away. This helps us to schedule an appointment for you to be seen and begin the treatment that is needed. Oftentimes, we can get you in the very same day, which helps to prevent the emergency from getting worse or completely having an impact on your busy life.

Prevent Further Damage

Prevent further damage by avoiding eating anything that is overly hard or chewy. For example, if you’ve cracked or broken a tooth, you’ll want to avoid causing more of a crack or break by chewing on gum, mints or other types of foods.


Preserve the Tooth

If you or a loved one has sustained an oral or facial injury that has caused a tooth to be knocked out, place the tooth in either milk or saline solution. This helps to preserve the tooth so that it can be placed back into the socket. We often use a splint to keep the tooth in place before it is able to reconnect with the ligaments.

Take an Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever

OTC pain relievers can be helpful at reducing the severe pain, swelling and discomfort that you’re currently experiencing. Be sure to only take these medications as indicated on the side of the bottle. Taking pain relievers is not an excuse to forgo treatment, but they can be helpful at preventing severe discomfort until you’re able to be seen.

Use a Warm Salt Water Rinse

Warm salt water rinses can help to calm infections, abscesses, pain and swelling. These rinses are easy to make at home and can be done as often as needed. If you’re experiencing gum-related pain and discomfort, these warm salt water rinses can help to bring down any pain or swelling until you can get into the office.

Don’t Try At-Home Methods

It might be tempting to try some at-home methods as a way to avoid a trip into the dental office, but this really isn’t the best choice. At-home methods can go wrong and cause more of a problem than they’re worth.

Don’t Panic

You can and will be seen for your dental emergency. There is something that can be done for your unique emergency at your own convenience. There is no reason to panic over a dental emergency when you have trained professionals ready to help.

Looking for a quality Dentist Near You?

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call Dr. Karishma Sheth as soon as possible so that we can get you in at your earliest convenience. At Luxe Dental Arts, our goal is to provide exceptional service in a family friendly environment. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have, and we welcome all new patients to our office.



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