What Is the Mystery Behind Using Salt Water Gargle?

Sore throat during cold and flu is a common occurrence and every now, and then we come across life altering hack, salt water gargle solution. It is a holy grail that helps in treating various flu symptoms and provides symptomatic relief.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Salt Water Gargle?

You may think of it as an old wives tale; however, there are scientific pieces of evidence to support saltwater gargle or rinse benefits.

Salt water gargle may not be able to treat tonsillitis and related sore throat but can help relieve pain and inflammation to a greater extent providing extensive relief from discomfort.

What Effect Does Salt Water Gargling Have?

Saltwater rinse gives more like an osmosis effect as the salt concentration draws painful fluids from your mouth and helps relieve infections and associated discomfort.

What a saltwater gargle does is it breaks up mucus and irritants from your throat. However, doctors do not recommend gargling salt infused water for more than 2 or 3 times every day.

How To Prepare Salt Water Gargle?

There is no sure shot recipe for salt water gargle; however, too little or too much salt will definitely cause trouble. You need at least one quarter spoonful of salt and dissolve it in one glass equivalent to 250 ml of water.

Make sure that you warm up the salt water gargle solution. Why? The heat eases the dissolution of salt and amplifies blood flow towards the throat. This helps your immune system to quicker and better healing. There is no specific type of salt that needs to be used for this; but it is better to opt for smaller granules since they are better and quicker to dissolve.

How Often Should One Use Salt Water Gargle?

Consistency is the key if you want to see results after rinse. Gargling once only won’t work out and show results. You must start a chain routine and stick to it for the best outcome.

The specialists recommend using a saltwater gargle for at least 4 to 5 times a day at certain intervals. The frequency and length depend on your conditions and how bad your symptoms may seem to be.

The best part about this rinse is that you will start feeling good within the first 24 hours. Therefore it is necessary for you to stay hydrated and drink water so that the salt does not dry out other cells of your oral cavity.

How to Gargle Using Saltwater Rinse

Ease up and tilt your head; now take a large gulp and then gargle for around 30 seconds; swish and swirl in the mouth before spitting it out.

But, note that you need to repeat this method until the entire cup of water finishes. You shall repeat this after every 5 to 6 hours until the sore throat pain subsides.


Gargling with a saltwater solution has numerous advantages for the mouth and gums alongside teeth and throat. In case of more queries and questions, contact Luxe Dental Arts at 281 969 7456.