What Causes a Tooth Infection?

If you’re suffering from the unpleasant consequences of a tooth infection, you might be wondering about a quick way to resolve the issue. Indeed, a tooth infection can be a terrible experience. However, it can also quickly become a medical emergency. If you’re wondering how to get rid of a tooth infection without antibiotics, this post will elaborate.

First, we’ll get into what causes a tooth infection and what treatment options exist. Next, we’ll talk about whether it’s possible to get rid of it without antibiotics. Finally, we’ll tell you the best way to get rid of a tooth infection effectively.

What Causes a Tooth Infection?

A tooth infection is caused by bacteria gaining access to soft tissues. Typically, maintaining good oral hygiene is enough to keep these bacteria under control. And it’s not entirely a bad thing that they’re there, either! Some amount of bacteria is expected in a healthy mouth.

However, given a chance to infiltrate through broken teeth, cavities, or gum disease, they can get into the spaces between your teeth and gums. When this happens, they begin to feed and produce substances that cause damage. Their presence signals an infection. This infection can be severely painful, with sharp, throbbing pain being common. Sensitivity to hot and cold foods is also reported.

A periapical infection occurs at the tip of a tooth’s root, while a periodontal infection occurs at the side of the root in the gums. If allowed to progress, an abscess with pus can form. Also, the infection can spread to other areas of the jaw, to the bone, and even in the face.

Worse still, the rare possibility of sepsis – dangerous, life-threatening infection of the blood – increases the longer the bacteria proliferate. You must treat all infections promptly.

Getting Rid of a Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics – Does It Work?

There might be claims of being able to treat tooth infections without antibiotics. And yes, there are many ways to relieve pain and swelling temporarily. These include the use of warm salt water rinses. You can add baking soda to a rinse to benefit from its antibacterial properties. You can also use a cold compress against the jaw to help with swelling and relieve pain.

Unfortunately, however, an infection will not go away until all of the bacteria are physically removed and any remainder eliminated with antibiotics. A medical professional must perform this procedure. In addition, if there are any cavities or infections of the tooth’s root or pulp that render the tooth damaged beyond repair, the dentist will have to perform an extraction or replacement.

The Takeaway: Consult a Doctor ASAP

Proper elimination of a bacterial infection is not possible without the use of antibiotics. Therefore, it’s essential to consult a trained dentist as soon as possible. They will have a look at the infection and determine the best course of action. A dentist may also use medical imaging, such as x-rays, to determine how far it has spread. Then, they’ll drain any abscesses and sterilize and clean the area. As you recover, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics for you to use as directed to keep any infection from recurring.

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