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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy involves the removal of the interior pulp of a tooth. Inside of each tooth is the pulp, which houses the blood supply and nerves for each individual tooth. When this pulp becomes infected with decay or has been exposed, it will need to be removed. Most often, the typical sign of needing a root canal is severe tooth-specific pain and a sensitivity to hot and cold liquids.

Why would you be told you need a Root Canal?

A tooth that had decay that was ignored for quite some time or one that has broken, cracked or fractured enough to expose the pulp will need a root canal. If left untreated, the pain from the pulp being affected will become unbearable. This can even lead to eventual tooth loss if the decay is allowed to completely compromise the tooth. In some cases, an infection can develop, requiring the need for antibiotics. The sooner a root canal is performed when needed, the better off your entire health will be.

Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment

What are the benefits of having Root Canal Therapy?

When you have a root canal done, you’ll benefit from the pain-relieving benefits of the procedure. A tooth that was causing severe pain and agony will no longer bother you. Root canals prevent the pulp from becoming severely infected, which could cause the need for heavy antibiotic treatment. In rare cases, patients who ignore the need for a root canal will experience an infection that spreads into other parts of their body through their blood stream.

What can you expect during a routine Root Canal?

Before root canal therapy is performed, you’ll receive local anesthetic in the area the work will be done. This prevents the procedure from causing you any pain or discomfort. Next, the tooth is drilled to expose the pulp as well as remove any decay. The inner pulp is carefully and swiftly removed using a long, thin wire. The canals of the tooth are then cleaned and scraped to remove any remaining pulp. A thin, medicated liquid is poured into the canals of the tooth and the hole of the tooth filled with composite resin material. You’ll go home within an hour or so of the root canal being performed and can benefit from a pain-free, healthy tooth. Root canals are designed to stop the spread of infection and prevent the need for an extraction.

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