Lie Bumps or Transient Lingual Papillitis – What Are They?

Transient lingual papillitis TLP or lie bumps on the tongue is a common inflammatory condition. It affects one or more fungiform papillae present on the tongue surface. These bumpy structures are small red or white pop ups that recur quite frequently. The good news is that this condition quickly resolves itself and does not require medical intervention. If you spot lie bumps or transient lingual papillitis often, give this piece a read for your information.

Transient Lingual Papillitis – TLP

Our tongue is a papillary bed containing small projections with multiple functions such as taste etc. Transient lingual papillitis or TLP is inflammation of those said structures. Some of the signs and symptoms include the following:

TLP or lie bump growing on the tongue surface with white or maybe red-colored pimple or bumps on the tongue. Such protrusions are extremely painful and distress the individual at the time of swallowing edibles or talking.

Also, few people may suffer from an itchy, tingling, or maybe burning sensation on one side of the tongue, having transient lingual papillitis pop up.

Causes – Transient Lingual Papillitis

Some people may not feel any other sign or symptom besides the actual bump structure on their tongue. TLP or lie bumps do not fall under the emergency category. But, it may turn contagious when the pimple on your tongue is because by a virus.

The exact causes of transient lingual papillitis growth on the tongue is unknown; however, we have some enlisted some potential triggers for you.

  • Edible items such as solids or liquid/semi-solids that are very high in acidic content.
  • Increased amount of sugary items in the diet.
  • Reaching the stress threshold that is an onset of an inflammatory response.
  • Consuming foods high in spice level.
  • GI issues, especially constipation.
  • Food containing allergic contents.
  • Accident to fungiform
  • Local irritation.
  • Hormonal fluctuations which are prominently seen amongst women.
  • Virus
  • Cold sore development due to Herpes Simplex Virus or HPV
  • Mouth cancer
  • Tongue burns

Diagnosis of Transient Lingual Papillitis or Lie Bumps

If the symptoms of your TLP on the tongue do not start going away even after passing 1 week mark, it is better to take out time and make a dentist’s appointment as soon as you can. This pimple-like structure on the tongue emerges frequently and is bothersome besides being painful.

Your dentist will search and jot down complete history, analyze and enlist potential triggers. Then, perform a physical examination of the lie bumps to come up with the best fit diagnosis on its basis.

However, because for any particular reason, a physical checkup does not confirm anything, a biopsy may be suggested for differential diagnosis.

Keep pain the least of your concerns during this test. Dental experts numb the area using a topical anesthetic. Next, they scrap out a piece of the protrusion and send it for an examination.


Some popular tips and DIY home remedies for pain relief are:

  • Use the saltwater solution as a rinse for your mouth.
  • A local anesthetic is best for numbing the tongue to scrap papillitis.
  • Adequate brush and flossing regime for bacterial load reduction.
  • Stay away from irritants or potential stimulants.
  • Increase cold beverage consumption.
  • Intake of dairy items like yogurt or ice cream to reduce inflammation via dietary control.
  • Anesthetic mouthwashes.
  • Topical steroids for pain.


Lie bumps on the tongue or transient lingual papillitis is recurrent. However, it eases within a week. If it stays on after the said time, then contact the best dentist in Sugar Land at Luxe Dental Arts. We shall guide you further for apt diagnosis; call 281 969 7456 to schedule an appointment.