How To Deal With A Half-Broken Molar Tooth – A Guide

Your teeth are a very strong body structure; they do not break up easily. However, despite their sturdy nature, they may still knock up and break apart. It is still commonly occurring and can happen to any teeth, such as canines, incisors, or molars. If by any chance you suffer from a half-broken molar tooth, visit your dentist pronto because not treating it will give rise to other oral complications.

What Breaks a Molar Tooth?

There are various causes for your molar tooth to break into halves:

  1. Biting something hard such as candy or ice cube exerting pressure
  2. A habit of ripping off items of clothing
  3. Direct impact on the face
  4. Untreated cavities that break the molar tooth
  5. Grinding or clenching of teeth – bruxism

Caring for a Half-Broken Molar Tooth

You must get an appointment with the dentist immediately so that your condition does not get worse. In the meantime, follow these self-care options for pain relief:

  • Start with rinsing your oral cavity with salt water mix for decreasing infection risk in the broken molar tooth.
  • Take OTC painkillers, such as Tylenol, for dealing with pain.
  • You can cover your tooth having sharp edges of the half-broken molar tooth with either a sugarless gum or wax.
  • Refrain from consuming hard, crunchy foods and chew using the other side of your mouth.
  • For swelling, redness, and pain, use a cold compress.
  • Take gauze and put pressure with it on your half-broken tooth until the bleeding ceases.
  • Do not consume extremely cold or hot food and beverages.

Treatment Options to Deal with a Broken Tooth

Treatment choice for your broken molar tooth in half is dependent on the severity of the damage. Some of the treatments used for this issue are:

Dental Crown

If either half or more than half part of your molar tooth is broken, then the dentist can cover it using a crown. It is a tooth-shaped cap or helmet for protecting the matter (the broken tooth) under it. They are available in porcelain fused with metal, porcelain, ceramic, or metal.
Every type of material has pros and cons, such as metal – it is the strongest of all but looks bad and ruins a good looking smile. While resin and porcelain made crowns look exactly like a natural tooth, hence the reason for its popularity amongst people.

Dental Bonding – Cosmetic

Dental bonding works best in minimal damage areas. Composite resin is a good repair option for your broken tooth. First, the surface is made rough with a gel so that the bonding sticks easily to it. Then, the adhesive material is applied and followed by a tooth-colored resin. Next, it is hardened with ultraviolet rays for a natural smile.

Root Canal

A root canal is best suited for a tooth damaged to expose the pulp beneath it. The dental pulp is the central part that has all the tooth nerves. Bacteria easily reach the inner layer through the crack making the half-broken molar tooth sensitive.

Final Take Out

Your half-broken molar or other tooth is a dental emergency and needs immediate intervention. Reach out to Luxe Dental Arts for an immediate response. For assistance, call 281 969 7546.



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