How Do I Heal A Burnt Tongue?

Every one of us have once in our lives eaten food way too hot to handle, and in such scenario burning the roof of the mouth or tongue is common. Well, this has happened before and will most probably repeat; you do not have to live with the burnt tongue or mouth, follow these 10 quick tips to heal it effectively.
Tongue burns are divided into two categories: a thermal burn from hot food or beverages that we consume, and second; chemical burns. Primarily the issue of a burnt tongue is categorized in the former. The burn may vary and show up as small bumps on the tongue.

10 Ways You Can Heal a Burnt Tongue

It is not commonly known, but heat may keep on burning the tongue even after its disconnection from the source. Therefore, tongue cooling is necessary for proper healing. Here’s how you can heal your burnt tongue in 10 effective ways.

1. Cool It

It is natural to immediately cool the tongue, which is the best thing for it. Grab ice chips, ice cubes, or drink ice-cold water for immediate relief. The sooner you start, the better. This action will stop the heat getting rid of the pain.

2. Don’t Brush Your Tongue

If brushing your tongue is a part of your oral regime, stop doing it. Brushing will slow down the healing process of the burnt tissues, followed by irritation and pain.

3. Avoid Irritants or Pain Triggers

Do not consume foods or beverages that aggravate the issue. Hot drinks, alcohol, or spicy food are some irritants to stay away from in order to heal a burnt tongue effectively.

4. Take Milk Products

Milk coating or related products serve as a protective or soothing barrier for the burnt tongue giving a cooling effect.

5. Saltwater Solution

Saltwater solutions as mouthwash work for many mouth injuries and burnt tongue. It is antibacterial, providing symptomatic relief. Take half a spoonful of salt and mix in one glass of cold water. Take a portion of this solution; swish, swirl and then spit.

6. Topical Anesthetic Gel

If the pain is unbearable, a better option is going for OTC topical anesthetics for numbing the tongue. Oral gels are popular for numbing tooth roots but work well on a burnt tongue too.

7. OTC Pain killers

Oral medicines will help in prompt pain relief from within. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are two such examples of this category.

8. Honey

Honey is a known ingredient used to heal burnt organs such as the tongue or mouth roof etc., for a very long time. It not only relieves aching taste buds but also promotes a faster healing process.

9. Use of Vitamin E

Vitamin E accentuates the healing process of the tissues lessens its time. It is said that using 1000 IU liquid capsules on the burnt area of the tongue aids in the healing process.

10. Aloe Vera gel

It is one of the instant methods for burning pain. Apply pure aloe extracted from the leaves and place it on the affected area for immediate relief.


A thermal burnt tongue usually requires the least amount of attention. With the tips mentioned above, you can ease the pain and aid the healing process. However, if the burn is chemical or deep in the inner layers, get medical attention immediately. Reach out to Luxe Dental Arts call at 281 969 7456 for inquiry.



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