Help, My Molar Broke Off At The Gum Line! Here’s How To Treat it.

A broken tooth is never a pleasant experience. Sometimes, a tooth can break off without warning in an inconvenient place. But whether it’s a small chip or crack, or a much larger breakage, a broken tooth is a dental emergency. And, if a posterior tooth like a molar broke off at the gum line, you should take it seriously.

This post will detail how a molar broke off at the gum line is a dental emergency and what steps you can take to treat it.

Broken Tooth Symptoms

If your molar breaks at your gum line, you’ll be able to see it very clearly and feel it with your tongue. Visually inspecting the molar is necessary to confirm this, but it might be hard to see inside the back of your mouth, especially without a dentist’s specialized tools. However, it’s easier to feel the sharp fragment of the remainder of the tooth with your tongue.

If you can see the tooth, you might see that it appears yellow, pink, or red. This is due to the exposed inner layers of dentin and pulp. A tooth affected by dental caries or cavities, though, might look darker in color or even black due to tooth decay.

The most prominent sensation would be pain, especially if the pulp – full of nerve endings – has been exposed. The pain might not be constant, and everyone’s pain experience differs depending on how the molar broke. You will likely be able to taste the blood from injuries inside your mouth due to the sharp remnants of the tooth.

At this point, it’s important to focus on getting in touch with an emergency dentist. However, you can relieve the severity of your injury by following a few steps.

My Molar Broke Off At The Gum Line! What Should I Do Now?

The first thing to do is to contact an emergency dental practice, as this requires prompt attention. If a molar broke off below the gum line, it is almost always necessary to extract the tooth. Sometimes it’s possible to reattach the tooth fragment, but the deeper into the gum line the tooth broke off, the more difficult this becomes.
Follow these instructions to treat the tooth until you can get to a dentist.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water (mix a teaspoon of salt in warm drinking water) and swish it around your mouth. This rids the mouth of any food debris and acts to reduce inflammation.
  • Don’t consume any cold, sweet, or acidic food or drinks. This will only irritate the tooth fragment.
    Take a piece of sugar-free chewing gum and stick it onto the tooth fragment. This will protect the tooth from further irritation until you can get to a dentist.
  • Alternatively, take a piece of gauze and rest it over the area with the broken molar.
  • If possible, preserve the broken tooth fragment by rinsing it in warm water and keeping it in a sealed plastic bag. It may be possible to reattach it.

Prioritize seeing a dentist as soon as possible, as they possess the expertise and tools to remove any contamination and safely restore the tooth’s functionality. They can do this either by reattaching the fragment or by extracting the tooth entirely. Depending on any infection, they may have to perform a root canal procedure on your molar.

Conclusion: See A Dentist ASAP

It’s important to take a broken molar below the gum line seriously. Left untreated, you risk developing an infection at the site or sustaining possible nerve damage. Pus may build up in the area, and a bacterial infection can even infect the gums, jaw, or face if allowed to spread. Make sure you seek prompt dental treatment with a qualified dentist immediately.

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