Fixed Prostheses With Implants For Patients With Severely Damaged Dentitions

As we have pointed out on many occasions, the most effective, aesthetic and durable solution for a loss of several dental pieces is implant placement. However, in cases where much of the denture has been lost, there are still people who opt for removable prostheses, due to several reasons: the high economic cost attributed to implant solutions, the fear of going through a Long and annoying treatment process or doubts about the life of an implant. Both industry and specialists are aware of the prejudices and difficulties that are associated with implantology. Fortunately, there are more and more patients who have fully recovered their oral health thanks to implants, so the myths around them gradually disappear. The experience verified in the last twenty-five years has confirmed the high reliability of the dental implants. If the bone quality requirements, the titanium implant itself and the crown are met and the maintenance protocols are strictly followed, the useful life is very long, exceeding twenty years. In addition, in the most difficult cases, such as those of edentulous or partially edentulous patients, great work is being done to develop mixed treatments in which, through a limited number of implants, accompanied by their respective prostheses, complete dentures can be restored without incurring in complex or very expensive procedures.

Also, with this method of implant restoration, the fixed prosthesis can be placed on the same day of the intervention. We reduce treatment time to the maximum, since several intervention phases are not necessary, and the patient does not have to spend time with provisional solutions. Consequently, it is a formula with a lower economic cost. We want to remember that this formula is aimed primarily at people who have not lost all of their teeth, but they have very damaged several pieces. However, it has also been successfully applied in edentulous individuals. It should be noted that dentures made with this technique are particularly indicated when aesthetics are not very important or the patient has no financial means to address other types of therapies. In any case, in the same way as any other implant treatment, it requires a previous study and diagnosis with digital technology to determine if it is the most appropriate solution for the patient, both in the functional and aesthetic plane. There are always several alternatives that the specialist offers, with its advantages and disadvantages, so that each person chooses according to their expectations and taking into account the medical prescription.



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