4 Reasons Why You Have Jaw Pain On One Side

The sudden jolt of pain on one side of your jaw can knock you out of sleep. If you are suddenly experiencing this pain out of the blue on a single side of your jaw or jawbone, do not consider it an emergency. This issue typically does not fall in the troublesome category. However, it may indicate underlying health trouble going on.

If you are in this situation, there is no need to continue living in pain; read this blog for your answers about the discomfort of the jaw on either one or both sides. The following conditions are linked to it; let’s have a look.

Tumors or Cystic Growth

The main cause amongst all of increasing jaw pain on your one side may be a cyst or tumor. Tumors and cysts both are tissue masses that usually contain fluid inside them. But, it is quite uncommon for them to grow on your jaw. However, one cannot completely rule out its incidence.

Sometimes these tumors or cystic protrusions are cancerous and have the ability to impact oral health significantly. The destruction of bones and tissues is inevitable if you find cystic red or white-colored patches, tumors, bleeding sores, lumpy growth, jaw swelling, or tissue growth around your teeth.


Jaw pain on one side is a common sign of sinus infection– nasal cavity inflammation. Sinusitis is mostly a result of allergies or cold episodes. But, if the cavities behind your cheeks suffer from inflammation, it may cause pain in either one or both sides of the jaw.

You may notice other symptoms such as nasal congestion, fatigue, green or yellow tinted mucus, facial discomfort, and pressure in this condition. Get in touch with your doctor if the symptoms linger for more than a week.

Dental Conditions

The one-sided jaw pain is mostly interlinked with dental conditions like cavities, wisdom teeth growth, or infection, an abscessed tooth, gum diseases, or teeth clenching and grinding, also known as bruxism. If dental troubles are indeed the reason for your one-sided jaw pain, it will be accompanied by foul mouth odor, sensitive teeth, painful mouth sores, bump on the mouth roof, i.e. your palate, or painful bleeding gums.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder – TMJ

One of the most significant reasons for one side jaw pain is TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint or TMJ connects your jaw to the skull. A disc is also a part of the movement mechanism of TMJ. If the said disc joint dissociates, which helps bones and jaw properly move, it results in pain. Other signs show up, namely headache and/or earaches and popping feels on one or both sides of the jaw.

Final Take Out

Jaw pain either one-sided or both is a stressor and must be given immediate medical attention since it hinders the quality of life. Therefore, you should contact the dentist from Sugar Land, TX, at Luxe Dental Arts. Call now 281 969 7456



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