Month: February 2022

How To Deal With A Half-Broken Molar Tooth – A Guide

Feb 28, 2022

Your teeth are a very strong body structure; they do not break up easily. However, despite their sturdy nature, they may still knock up and break apart. It is still commonly occurring and can happen to any teeth, such as canines, incisors, or molars. If by any chance you suffer from a half-broken molar tooth, […]

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Salty Taste In Mouth – Top 10 Reasons For This Issue

Feb 15, 2022

Change in taste is a normal phenomenon, you get up one morning with a salty taste in your mouth; it may confuse you, but it is normally a sign of a shift in biological functioning. Your mouth tastes salty because of anything you have eaten, or is it something else? This problem is more common […]

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