Month: January 2022

My Crown Fell Out, What Should I Do About This Situation?

Jan 30, 2022

A human tooth has multiple layers; enamel, the outermost covering which protects inner ones like the root canal from external damage. As time passes, cavities and tooth decay occur because of wear and tear or inadequate dental regime. In that case, dentists advise getting a crown – dental for protection. It fits well like puzzle pieces with […]

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4 Causes Of Red Spots On The Roof Of Mouth

Jan 15, 2022

Have you noticed red spots on the roof of your mouth? You may have many questions popping up in your mind regarding your oral health. Numerous factors can cause red bumps to grow. While some causes can be benign, others may require consultation with a dentist for in-depth treatment. This blog will list some possible […]

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