Month: September 2021

The 3 Best Ways To Get Rid of Gag Reflex Naturally

Sep 30, 2021

Your gag reflex is a natural, involuntary contraction of muscles in your throat that serves to prevent unwanted foreign objects from entering. It’s an adaptation of the human body that also prevents choking. However, there might be circumstances where your gag reflex triggers far too easily, such as when you’re brushing your teeth, receiving an […]

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Stannous Fluoride vs Sodium Fluoride | What’s The Difference? Explained

Sep 15, 2021

Since its advent in the 1940s, the use of fluoride in the maintenance of dental health has been a regular practice. As a result, modern dental hygiene solutions such as toothpaste or mouth rinses are commonly formulated with fluoride. There’s ample scientific evidence that fluoride offers tangible benefits towards the reduction of dental caries. But […]

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